Merlo Zuri


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Merlo Zuri

East Africa is the ancestral home of coffee, where it has grown wild in the hills of Ethiopia since time out of mind. Beans from this area are complex and dense, with a range of flavours from sweet berry to rich chocolate and bright citrus. Zuri is Swahili for beautiful, and this blend is a showcase of the beautiful coffees of the region – sweet, smooth, silky and perfectly balanced.

Aas a milk coffee we found it had a well-rounded cashew flavour with a rich molasses sweetness. As an espresso the fruit came through, with berry notes and a zesty orange acidity.

We can grind the beans to properly match the type of brewing method you will be using.  

SUITABLE FOR:  espresso, stovetop, drip filter and plunger style coffee.

Weight 500 g

150g TRY ME, 1kg, 250g, 500g


Ground Coffee – Commerical Machine / Handpresso, Ground Coffee – Domestic Espresso Machine / Cold Brew, Ground Coffee – Drip / Percolator / Syphon / Pourover, Ground Coffee – Plunger, Ground Coffee – Stovetop / Aeropress, Ground Coffee – Very Fine / Turkish, Whole Beans


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