Edible Cake Image printing

Edible Cake Image Printing

If you have a photo or image that you would like to have on top of your cake then we can help. 

il Mondo can print any image or photo on to an edible fondant sheet, printed with safe edible food colourings. This thin icing sheet can then be applied to the top of your cake. The icing tastes delicious and is easy to apply.

Sheet size is 29cm x 21cm.

Simply bring your Microsoft Word file, PDF file or JPG image in on a usb stick or email to cakeprinting@gmail.com   

Images will be printed while you wait or once you are in store if it has been emailed.  If you email your image please ring the store to confirm we have received it.  If you wish to have the image printed in advance please ring and provide credit card details.  Images can be mailed and a postage charge will apply, please ask for pricing on this.


Price:  $15.00 per sheet


Please ensure that the image is set out exactly how you want it printed as we do not offer any layout or graphic assistance.

Our edible fondant sheets are made from:  starch, maltodextrin, glycerine, water, stabilisers E460i, E414, dextrose, emulsifiers, E435, E491, E471, colour E141, flavours, preservative, saccharin, citric acid, trigliycerides of fatty acids.

Edible icing sheets need to be stored flat, wrapped or in a sealed plastic bag and at room temperature, away from direct sunlight to stop them drying out. 

Please note that when applying to the cake the moister the surface is, the faster the ink will run. We recommend applying the edible image as close to serving time as possible.

  • Prepare the cake for the edible image. Thaw the cake if it is frozen. Check for any irregularities on the cake surface, such as loose icing.
  • Choose a place on the cake for the image. You won't be able to move the image once it's placed, so plan carefully. Mark the spot for the image with icing or make a mental note.
  • Ensure that your hands are clean and dry before handling the edible cake image.
  • Spray a small amount of water on the cake if dry. If the cake appears very wet or moist, allow it to dry somewhat before adding the cake image. Too much moisture will cause the colors of the edible image to run together.
  • Remove the cake image from the sealed package right before you apply the image. Place the image on a flat surface.
    • Using a thin clean craft knife separate the backing sheet away from the fondant. Once the initial separation is made use a spatula, sliding it back and forth.
    • Once you have removed the backing sheet from the image, hold the image with both hands and place it face up directly on the cake icing.
    • Smooth the edges of the image with your fingers. Remove any air bubbles by tapping the image; do not rub it with your fingers, or you will smear the image.
    • Place the cake in the refrigerator to keep the image moist and free of cracks until serving.
  • High and low humidity will affect the edible image. Always keep the image in a resealable bag or wrapped.